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Searchable Data on our Family Lines


These files contain partial ancestries for our grandparents, and are based on each side of our LAURIE/ CASTLEDINE family.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone with connections to these people, or to the surnames - even if not appearing to be directly connected. Sometimes, one never knows!


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Associated family geography




8 Jun 2008


UK: Lancashire, Dumfries
Australia: Queensland, NSW and Victoria


8 Jun 2008

England: Essex, Hertfordshire
Australia: Queensland, NSW, Victoria


25 Jun 2008

Northern Ireland: Londonderry, Antrim
Australia: Queensland, Victoria


8 Jun 2008

Northern Ireland: Antrim


8 Jun 2008

England: Lincolnshire
Australia: Queensland, NSW, Victoria


8 Jun 2008

Scotland: Banff, Aberdeen
Australia: Queensland, Victoria


8 Jun 2008

England: Sussex
New Zealand: Northland, Auckland
Australia: Queensland, Victoria


8 Jun 2008

Germany: various
Australia: Queensland

For corrections, additions etc on these surnames, or for information on other surnames in the offline database, please email me.
I’m also happy to include better photographs as they become available



  1.       Many of the event dates for individuals (births, deaths etc) are in reality only estimates of these dates. 
    The conversion programme from GEDCOM does not handle estimated dates particularly well and may convert them to apparently fixed dates.
  2.       Individuals may be shown in more than one of the two groups.  The biographical data for most living people born after 1918 have been masked in order to protect their privacy. 
    I am happy to provide GEDCOMs as appropriate.
  3.       Major sources were Queensland State Library, Queensland Family History Society Library, IGI, Rootsweb, World Connect, BDM records as well as from many various individuals. 
    Thanks are due to all those known and unknown people.
  4.       I am collecting certificates for direct family members.  A significant portion of the core information on the LAURIE and WITHAM families was collected by my late father
    Thomas James (Jim) LAURIE over a number of years.
  5.       Much of the other content has been gleaned from many sources on and off the web, and consequently some data may be incorrect.   
    Corrections and additions welcomed.