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This page contains links to our family genealogy for LAURIE, for CASTLEDINE and for a number of associated surnames.   The earliest known (to me) records of both of these family lines are found in the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland) and in Germany.  Both family lines are presently well represented in Australia

The searchable information is organised into separate groups that are based on our great-grandparents, and show the details as known of some of their ancestors and relatives.  I have collected a fair amount of additional related (and unrelated) data on these and some of the other associated surnames.  Because of size, this is held in an off-line database that is not directly accessible through this page. However, I am willing to search this on receipt of an email request.

The data is a compilation of information from numerous sources and as such represents a summary of the work of quite a few people over the years – some of whom I know, and others whom I don’t know.
  My late father, Thomas James (Jim) LAURIE, started this collection in the early 1980s and many of his sources have passed on.

There are undoubtedly some errors and omissions in the data, that I would be more than pleased to correct.  As well as this, I would like to hear from anyone who is following the same family names, even if not the same families. You never know!

David Laurie
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There are a number of common variations in surnames that need to be considered when determining any relationship. There have been different spellings identified within the same families depending on the record involved.  Because of this, all variations for a surname have been shown in the sheets under the first mentioned spelling below eg all LAURIE name variations are shown in databases as LAURIE.

Use the SEARCHABLE link for more details.

Main surnames that I am following

Some Comments

LAURIE /Lawrie/ Lowrie/ Lourie/ Lorry where they are sourced back to Scotland or north-west England.

LAURIE/LAWRIE spelling seems to be interchngeable before the early 20th century - handwriting/ literacy issues?

I'm not following  LAWRY as this name seems to emanate solely from SW England.
Not following LOUGHRY (and variants) either as these seem to come from Ireland, although many of them migrated later to the Lancashire area.
Unsure about where LAURY fits in – it may be another Scottish variant of LAURIE.

CASTLEDINE /Castledene/ Castledeen/ Carseldine/ Casseldeen from Lincolnshire and surrounding shires.

There are various as yet unrelated CASTLEDINE families from Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Huntingdonshire and Leicestershire.
is a purely southeast Queensland spelling variant (see the northern Brisbane suburb of this name).  They are CASTLEDINEs back in Huntingdon.

WITHAM /Whitham/ Wittum/ Whittum/ Wittom/ Whitam from Essex and Hertfordshire.

The WHITHAM seems to be a spelling variant from Yorkshire and Lancashire?

DOOLE /Dool/ from Northern Ireland.

DOOL seems to be a Canadian/ USA spelling variant, but is based on NIR DOOLE origins.
I have seen the DOOLI in Australian coronial inquest records.
There may be links to DOOLEY and perhaps DOYL but I have not come across any as yet.
is from Caithness area and may be connected through migration in the plantation period of the 1700s.
McCLURE from Antrim in Northern Ireland A mystery mixed up with MANSONs in Connor and Belfast.

MCPHERSON /MacPherson/ Macpherson/ Mcpherson from Caithness in Scotland.

Spelling is quite variable in the records that I have seen. I suspect ours are mainly MACPHERSON .

SPRENGER /Springer from what is now Germany.

SPRINGER seems to be an anglicised version of SPRENGER and probably appears after 1915. 

Lots of SPRENGERs in SE Qld, but only a few connected to our lines.

ECCLES from Blackburn and Bolton in Lancashire.

I have seen this transcribed as EADES from hand written documents in Australia – including from official birth certificates! 


Original: 25 April 1998
Last modified: 23 March 2014

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  Louisa   LAURIE   nee   WITHAM



   Hunter   DOOLE


John Carnegie FARQUHAR and Ethel May 
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