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Significant Family Surnames


The following table shows information on some of our significant surnames.  It also indicates current "brick walls" and future lines of research where applicable.  Happy to discuss!






Our line appears to start with James LAURIE who was probably born in Dumfries, Scotland in about 1789.  There are many James in his area around this time, but I have no way of connecting any of them at this stage. He seems to have been a travelling draper and arried Ellen COMMOCK in Lancashire, although their first child (Marion) was born in 1815 in Dumfries.
I have no idea what happened to her – perhaps an infant mortality.

Their son (William) was born in Lancashire four years later in 1819. The family seems to have then lived around the Bolton, Blackburn and Chorley areas of Lancashire.  Their second daughter, Grace, married Thomas DIXON in 1859, had at least four children and moved to Bradford in West Riding Yorkshire.  Grace’s son – Thomas Laurie DIXON  b1862 had two children who were present in the 1901 England census.

The only male LAURIE line that I know about leads directly to my grandfather William Joseph Bundock LAURIE, who had moved permanently to Townsville in Queensland, Australia by 1900. His mother and sister followed a little time later.  The only known branches of this LAURIE family are now in Australasia - Brisbane, Queensland; Sydney, New South Wales; Canberra, ACT; and Melbourne, Victoria .

The LAURIE/ LAWRIE (and sometimes LOURIE and LOWRIE) spelling variants seem to be quite wide spread and depend, I suspect, on the interpretation of the variable handwritings of the surname!  Others could be due to phonetic spelling based on different accents.  I have evidence of the same person being recorded with different spellings even into the 1900’s.  LAWRY lines seem to come solely from SW England – Devon, Cornwall etc -, and do not seem to be related at this stage.  I am not sure about LAURY at all!

LOUGHRY and LOWRY seem to be solely from Ireland and again do not appear to be related at this time.  These could be variants from Scottish immigrants during the Plantation period perhaps?

Associated surnames include WITHAM in Essex and Hertfordshire (see below); M(a)cPHERSON in Caithness, Scotland; KIRKHAM, ECCLES & JONES in Lancashire and Warwickshire; and now DIXON in Yorkshire.


Like to find LAURIE s in Dumfries c1788.

SOLVED: I've found what happened to Henrietta LAURIE b1867 in Bolton.

SOLVED: I've now followed DIXONs in Bradford as much as I can.

Like to find out why William LAURIE and his wife Henrietta JONES lived in Malta, and where he died.

SOLVED: I've now found what happened to Anne Melita LAURIE b1862 in Malta.

Like to sort out how and where James LAURIE died in West Africa c1900.

SOLVED: I've now traced a lot of what happened to James LAURIE's half brother Frederick STACEY b1878, and half sister Amy STACEY b1880. Both born in Blackburn, Lancs.


(Boddy, Sanders, Blow, Roberts, Buswell)

The family records start in Witham On The Hill in Lincolnshire, England from about 1705.  Most of them seem to have moved north and stayed in England around the Sleaford area of Lincolnshire; however there are known branches in Australia and Canada. This Australian family is almost entirely based in southeast Queensland.

At present, our line appears to be unrelated to the extended CASTLEDINE family in central coastal New South Wales, or to the Western Australian family, or to the extensive CARSELDINE (CASTLEDINE in UK) family that is also in southeast Queensland.  (Note that CARSELDINE is now a suburb name in northern Brisbane.)  However, time may tell about linkages between all of these families. 

These some other large and significant CASTLEDINE lines that start in Leicestershire, in Derbyshire, in Huntingdon and in Nottinghamshire.

Our associated surnames include BODDY, SANDERS, BLOW, ROBERTS and BUSWELL in Lincolnshire.


Like to link Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire CASTLEDINEs.


(McClure, Boyd, McClean, Manson, Shepherd)


Our family seems to appear first in Lislea and then possibly Portglenone, which are just to the south of Kilrea in Londonderry, Northern Ireland in about 1782. The only known confirmed branch is now represented in Queensland and in Victoria; however the male line is not extant. There is possibly a branch(es) that moved to Canada in the late 1890s according to family anecdotes.  There are possibilities that another female line has also extended to Queensland through Nancy DOOLE (born Kilrea 1838).

Forenames in the family over the generations include Esther, Hannah, Hugh, James, John Hunter, Joseph, Matilda, Nancy, Robert, Sarah and William.

The extensive DOOL(E) family in New Zealand (amongst other places) potentially may be linked.  However at this stage, it seems to be completely unrelated, as it seems to start in Ipswich in Suffolk, England and has no known links to Northern Ireland.

The DOOLE family origins prior to appearing in Northern Ireland are possibly in Caithness, Scotland, where the spelling may have been DOULL.  On this basis, the family may have moved during the plantation period in the 1700s. At this stage, this is pure supposition – an hypothesis at best. Comment on this line of thinking would be appreciated.

Associated surnames that are related to the family include McCLURE, BOYD, McCLEAN, MANSON, and SHEPHERD.



Like to progress DOOLEs back into Portglenone.

Like to find more BOYDs and McCLEAN s in Trinaltenagh, Londonderry.

Like to find more deaths in NI - DOOLE, McCLURE, BOYD especially.


(Gregory, Ginn, Given, Flay, M(a)cPherson, Pearce, Murrell, Obe, Sapsford)


There are two relevant (to us) WITHAM families. Our records for one side start in Harlow, Essex, England in about 1793; and, for the other side, start nearby in Bishops Stortford in Hertfordshire, England in about 1781. The families clearly intermarried in Queensland, Australia in 1881. There is an as yet unproved family tradition that this marriage was one between second cousins – however it is noted on an Australian death certificate.

The Harlow-based family is closely related to the MURRELL families in Queensland as well.  This is through one of the three of WITHAM sisters, all of whom seem to have emigrated to Australia at various times and settled around the south-east Queensland area.

The youngest son of the Hertfordshire family (William) was a sea captain and eventually settled in Toowoomba, Queensland where he raised a family.  He was associated with the Bull’s Head Inn at Drayton, and his wife (Ann Martha GREGORY) was associated with the Dunmore Arms (now Treasury) Hotel in Brisbane until her early death.


Data is emerging on the cousin story!

Like to know about the fostering of Capt and Ann Martha WITHAM's young children after their parents' deaths. One was looked after by WRIGHT family?

Love to confirm Ann Martha GREGORY 's parents.

SOLVED: WIlliam WITHAM's death notice found in The COURIER (Brisbane) dated 18 and 19 March 1864.




(Reid, Muiry, Mitchell, Elder, Lyon, Gordon)



Our records for this family first appear in Portsoy and Fordyce in Banff in central northeast Scotland in 1776.  It has significant Australian branches in Queensland and Western Australia, that started when three sons emigrated to Australia at various times from Aberdeen.

Other associated surnames include REID, MUIRY, MITCHELL, ELDER, LYON and GORDON.

Some gaps to fill in.



(Voigt, Mullins, Durrant, Mason, Head)


We have two SHAW families in the genealogy lines. Both appear to come from small villages in Sussex, England in about 1740 where they had intermarried by early 1800s. They had arrived in Queensland, Australia via New Zealand by 1889.  There is a strong connection with present SHAW families in the north island of New Zealand and especially around Auckland.

Other associated names in Australia and UK include VOIGT, MULLINS, DURRANT, MASON and HEAD.

Lots of NZ updates needed.

Need to confirm all the Sussex assumptions.



(Beckmann, Beutel, Ehrenberg, Burow, Gierke, Tessmann)


The family originates in what is now north east Germany around 1844, and our line appears to be now mostly based in Queensland, Australia.  There are some very large family sizes, and so lots of cousins. Lots of SEQ germans emigrated from the same area.

Other associated names include BECKMAN, BEUTEL, EHRENBERG, BUROW, GIERKE and TESSMANN

Need to sort out Hannah BECKMANN's parents.

Like to sort out the Germany tree - Grunberg location etc.



(Manson, Shepherd, Nelson)


Our family first appears in Antrim, Northern Ireland c1863 where an "heiress of some kind married an engine driver and was then disinherited".  The family conducted a drapery business in Agnes Street in Belfast in the mid-1920s.  It shows up in the 1911 Census.  A daughter (Mary) emigrated to Townsville, Queensland, Australia in 1919 where she married and raised three daughters.  One of these latter daughters is my mother.  There appear to be no other direct living McCLURE descendants of this family.   Her brother, Harry, lived in Belfast and married, but died there without issue in or after the 1920s.

At one stage, I thought that I had the MANSON links sorted out back to Connor in Antrim, but the 1911 census showed this to be incorrect.

Other associated names include MANSON and SHEPHERD.

Like to sort out Henry McCLURE 's dates and parents.

Need to find  MANSON ancestors.  This is my main roadblock.




(Stacey, Kirkham, Mossop)


Two ECCLES sisters emigrated to Townsville in Australia as nurses in the early 1880s.  One (Margaret Ellen ECCLES), was previously married to a STACEY (and apparently divorced with two young children whom she left behind) prior to travelling. She married James LAURIE in Townsville in 1888 before returning to St Neots in England with him and a second young family. I don’t know much about this other sister except that she married in Australia and moved to Sydney – she may have been married previously as well.  They both came from Blackburn in Lancashire and were apparently part of a family of five sisters and two brothers.  I would love to hear anything about this second immigrant ECCLES sister!

The parents seem to have been Joseph ECCLES and Elizabeth KIRKHAM from Blackburn.  One of the other sisters (Elizabeth) who remained in Blackburn married a MOSSOP - a cousin John MOSSOP from Banks St in Chorley kept in touch with the Australian (Townsville) branch until his death in 1945.


Like to sort out the second ECCLES  sister who lived in Townsville.

Seem to be lots of  MOSSOP s in Canada to find.

Need marriage for Joseph ECCLES and Elizabeth KIRKHAM c1835 in Blackburn Lancs.







There is a fair amount of additional related and unrelated data on these and some of the other associated surnames. Because of its size, this is held in an off-line database ie it is not directly accessible through this page. However, I am more than willing to search this on email request.