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The following medals were awarded to Lt John Hunter Doole - a member of the company until wounded and returned to Australia.

He transferred from the 9th Battalion to the unit in what must have been a fairly standard way. He joined the 9th Bn in a Reinforcement as a private soldier, and it appears that these details were the ones that were used for the medals. Note that his middle initial has also been given in error.

For more information on WW1 medals, have a look at this site.

Book cover of Pip Squeak and Wilfred

The Rack - "Pip, Squeak and Wilfred"



1914-15 Star


Obverse                                                                                        Reverse


British War Medal


Obverse                                                                                      Reverse


Victory Medal


Obverse                                                                                 Reverse

Initial: 27 April 2012

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