13th Machinegun Company, 1st AIF


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The 1st AIF's 13th Machine Gun Company was formed in Egypt February 1916.  It was assigned to the 13th Infantry Brigade in the 4th Division.

On 2 March 1918, it was assigned to 4th Machine Gun Battalion as part of the 4th Division, along with the 4th, 12th and 24th Machine Gun Companies.

It was initially manned by soldiers who were transferred from various other units.

It has been difficult to trace who actually served in the unit, although some data have been found in ancillairy records eg Red Cross.


There do not appear to have been any individual Battle Honours awarded to any of the AIF Machine Gun companies.  However it is clear this company served in the following areas.
(More work is needed on this aspect.)

Egypt,    Sinai,    Western Front



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